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Reward Chest System

Reward Chest

Reward System
On Update 10.20 was implemented the Reward System, in it all players who participated in the struggle against bosses receive an individual creature loot.
Unlike the common loot creatures, the loot from bosses are sent directly to the Reward Chest after the boss corpse disappears, the Reward Chest is located in Adventures Guild to access use a Adventurers Stone inside a temple.

This differentiated loot system brings some advantages to the player:

1. It gives the possibility to all players who participated in the fight with the boss get access to the loot.
2. Depending of participation level in the fight the boss gives the right to have a loot with better items. After the creatures being killed, the creatures items are divided to players based on some criteria, check the table below.

Participation level
Notice: How greater damage to the Boss generate greater level of participation, however block the creature will also reckon points.
Points Level
Item Comum 10~40pts 1
Common Item + Semi Rare Item 40~60pts 2
Common Item + Semi Rare Item + Rare Item 60~80pts 3
Common Item + Semi Rare Item + Rare Item + Very Rare Item 80~95pts 4
Common Item + Semi Rare Item + Rare Item + Item that always drop 96~100pts 5
The player who get level 1 will only receive money or other common items.

Reward System Bosses
  • The Welter
  • White Pale
  • Tyrn
  • Hirintror
  • Zushuka
  • Ocyakao
  • Shlorg
  • The Pale Count
  • Furyosa
  • Mad Mage
  • Raging Mage
  • Ferumbras
  • Morgaroth
  • Ghazbaran
  • Orshabaal
  • Zulazza the Corruptor
  • Chizzoron the Distorter
  • The Mutated Pumpkin
  • Bibby Bloodbath
  • GazHaragoth
  • Tanjis
  • Jaul
  • Obujos
  • Tarbaz
  • Shulgrax
  • The Lord of The Lice
  • Plagirath
  • Zamulosh
  • Mazoran
  • The Shatterer
  • Razzagorn
  • Ragiaz
  • Ferumbras Mortal Shell
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